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We accept CASH on site, all major credit cards (VISA, MC, Discover and American Express), as well as PayPal.
For any questions on a return please email us with your request.
We do not do custom valving at this time. Our current valving on dampers has been fine tuned and fit most applications without any change.
Yes.. BUT... The spring rates we have on applications is from testing and use on most applications and should be optimal.
In most cases we can special order an application if not listed email us with the request. We can do in house custom one off kits but we will require the vehicle here for at least a month possibly more while parts are fabricated.
At this time we do not rebuild dampers in house. We are working to have in house rebuilding services.

About Us

We are enthusiasts and passionate about what we do, and how we do it. With over 30 years of experience ranging from maintenance, race preparing cars, restoration work, our knowledge is not passed down in an office but true real world hands dirty experience. 

Our start was in the Porsche world  back in the early 80's where we learned the older air cooled examples, 914's, 911's, and then the water cooled cars starting with the 924 and moving through the 928 and 944 turbo. Throughout this time we had BMW's around and were heavily involved in the much loved early GTI! The first car we tracked in 1991 was a hot rod GTI 16V!

Having BMW's around we gravitated towards the BMW marque. Our first race car was a 1976 BMW 2002 aka: Ole Smokey. We learned a lot in that car.... Mainly we needed something with more power! Lets face it who does not want more power! We ended up with the world famous E30M3 as our next real race car. And flogged it mercilessly any chance we could get, auto crossing, track days, racing, we still have it!  Our E30M3 is a  constantly changing and evolving car we will never part with!

Over the years we have spent a lot of time doing suspension set up, and helping customers, and friends, get their car handling better, Contact Suspension Engineering is the culmination of all those years of work.  

Join us on our adventure!  Follow our projects and work on our Facebook page.

We appreciate your business greatly! And most important the new friends we make through business.

Thank you.

Gary Gray