E46 ALL - 99-06 - Single adjustable damper kits

Quick Overview
  CSE coilovers are designed and developed from years of competition and testing, we have spring rates developed for all enthusiasts, street, track, race, wanting excellent handling without sacrificing comfort...



CSE coilovers are designed and developed from years of competition and testing, we have spring rates developed for all enthusiasts, street, track, race, wanting excellent handling without sacrificing comfort on the street, or performance on the track.

 Our suspension system features 33-way dampening adjustment and full length adjustment on the body for ride height, and separate spring preloading. We feel this design is superior to the full droop travel of a lot of damper systems which reduces travel and puts the piston at the lower part of the damper body. Because of this design we can utilize  short stroke damper design. The lower mounts are manufactured from lightweight alloy aluminum, or high tensile steel for strength depending on the model. The pillow ball top mounts, camber plates in some applications, are used on McPherson struts for maximum handling and performance.

 ※ The linear rate spring can be selected with tailored setup of the coilover to meet your needs without any other additional charge, please talk to us about your requirements before placing an order, or select one of our suggested spring rate combinations.



 For suspension systems utilizing a MacPherson strut type, the pillow ball mounts with adjustable camber plates are included fronts and rears (where applicable).

For suspension systems utilizing a Double A-Arm strut type, this kit comes standard with aluminum upper mounts.



 We use a  needle valve for damper adjustments. A high rigidity 52mm shock body used for MacPherson strut type for extra oil capacity enables the damping force to have optimal linear change. High quality oil seals are utilized to withstand high temperatures and to prevent oil from escaping. The piston rod is made from high quality S45C steel and is processed with Thermal Refining and High-frequency Induction hardening treatments for rigidity and durability. Our damper stroke movement has been tested on advanced testing equipment. We test them to equal a vehicle with 5-years of mileage. Each component of the suspension system is rigorously inspected and strictly tested to avoid any failure.


HIGH RIGIDITY STEEL SPRING                                                           

Springs are produced from high quality SAE9254 steel for optimal durability and high tensile strength. The spring rate and shape remains unchanged over the life of the springs, even if the spring has been subjected to long term wear.


ADJUSTABLE SPRING SEAT                                                                                      

Our spring seats are made from forged aluminum for durability and rigidity, most kits have CNC perches not cast.


SHOCK BODY                                                                                       

Shock body is coated with Electroplating treatment to prevent rust and corrosion in the harsh conditions from street use to motorsports. We use all black to maintain a clean look.



 For FRONT MacPherson strut models, wave alloy steel thrust washer is installed between a lower locking collar and a bottom mount. The wave thrust washer can provides a lower locking ability with the collar and the bottom mount to effectively prevent the lower bracket from spinning around or becoming loose. We also recommend how to properly tighten these in our instructions.



Spring bearing top is mounted under the pillowball bearing mount to eliminate the spring noise caused by spring bind from compression and rebound movements.  This enables the spring and the shock to perform together more effectively without binding. In the rear on separated spring/damper kits we recommend the optional use of a Torrington bearing for the same reason.



8k/10k - Street/HPDE

10k/12k - Aggressive street/Track

12k/14k - Track only - Recommended for cars with aero and slicks